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It’s well known that the Russian language is rich in slang, pejoratives and vulgar words. Even the most common words can have a completely different meaning when used figuratively, which we wouldn’t encourage to you use… (See Part 1)

One interesting word is «париться», which can be translated into English as to have a steam bath. For Russian native speakers it is also associated with being in a Russian «баня» – bath-house (a kind of steam room). Brooms made from birch are another important aspect of Russian baths, people in the sauna dip them into the hot water and then whip each other with them.

The use of the birch brooms is a health improving procedure but people also go to the baths simply to bathe.

Of course when a friend tells you «Че ты паришься» (literally: why are you taking the steam bath) he probably has a figurative meaning…

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